MAKE 19 - Devon Guild of Craftsmen

Starting 16/11/19

A fun new and exciting collection featuring bold primary colours and shapes!

Winter Exhibition - Gallery Nine Bath 2019

Starting 08/11/19

A bright and bold collection for Christmas!

Colourful Spring Showcase- Clifton Rocks 2019

Starting 01/05/19 

'Our summer showcase features 5 designers including Caroline Finlay, Eily O Connell, Miranda Sharpe, Mizuki Takahashi and Rachel Butlin with their colourful and statement jewellery.' 

Monochrome Collection

Starting 20/02/19 

'A studio collection exploring the use of no colour within a collection.' 

In Colour - Mostyn Gallery 2019

Starting 02/02/19 

'The theme of the showcase is Colour, looking to celebrate the full spectrum of colour to brighten up our visitors day.' 

Christmas - VK Gallery 2018

 1st Nov-24th Dec 2018


'A warm and festive collection to brighten those cold days'

Autumn/Winter - Beaumaris Jewellery Gallery 2018

October 2018


'A collection of bright and bold colours perfect for a seaside collection'

On the Block - Leeds Craft Centre

30th June – 29th September 2018


' A collection of unique statement pieces deserving special attention. A jewellery collection which showcases the qualities found in various materials and reveal a variety of ways in which pieces are constructed using traditional jewellery techniques'

Geometric - The Biscuit Factory

May 2018


'Bold geometric shapes form the structure for bold statement pieces'